Hi, I’m Alejandro Yanes, a professional photographer, a friend and a storyteller. I’ve always thought that love is all: the love for the people I share my life with, the love for images and music, and above all, the love for life. I try to find love in each thing I see, in every detail of every big or small occurrence. I’m a hopeless romantic and a travel enthusiast. Destination weddings have become the best way to combine these great passions. When I hit the road I get excited about the possibilities of finding new landscapes and scenarios: I get equally inspired by the softness of the countryside or the vibrant energy surrounding the big cities. Going out and moving from one place to another fuels my creativity and allows me to connect with the couple I am photographing. About To me, the most important thing is the trust and confidence I deliver to my clients, I’m always searching for ways to provide a relaxed atmosphere where the couple can lose themselves and stop being models to become what they truly are. My goal is to capture the essence of their love, the connection that holds them together, the way they feel about each other. I document the spontaneous without neglecting the details: that’s how you get a beautiful image that will always remind you of that specific moment in your life