I remember the first time Mariana got in contact with me. She called me asking me if I could do a photoshoot that day. I was so get to know such a soulful and amazing fashion designer. We worked together on a photoshoot of her dresses. We spend almost two days at the studio working on the production: sharing ideas, just being creative. After that I realized that I wanted to shoot her wedding photos.

I’m honored Mariana and David believed in me to capture one of the most important moments of her life. We spent the whole day shooting, running from her house to Villa Toscana; it was the longest photoshoot I have ever done. The whole day was filled with good food, music, decoration. Everything was perfect and it was a truly classy wedding.

I loved it and enjoyed every click of the camera.

Thank you guys and I send good vibes to you!

Also I want to say thanks to Alexander Potiomkin and Gilbert Le we made a great team, hope to see you guys soon again.

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